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Schooling system [Features]

Result,maximum of four parental result report per year,custom grades and division,standard result [Normal mark] or proffessional result [%]

Payroll,with inclusion of all earnings and deductions.
Contributions,student payment report,histories,receipt,other money source,payroll money use,income statement.
Timetable,Generate time table for all classes with all entered breaks and periods.

Schooling website [Features]

Internal website,offer online parent result and other school details
External website,offer quick link to your site via schooling you can also use our online result tool.

How to apply?

Step 1

Application Page

clicking apply now/admission>Apply online on website.Read instructions and click apply where you fill your details and submit.

Step 2.


At instant you submit your application you will be directed to payment to continue with you application finalization

Step 3.


After pay you will be directed to your profile page.Make sure you fill all details as shown on your page e.g Academic,attachment and program details