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About Us

Schooling is the full service website in Tanzania that provide services for schools(support both internal and external site).For external site just register and add your site link to make user direct navigate to your site.For internal site just register and fill your content.

Internal Website

Made very simple for content editing user just need basic computer knowledge and can style the content in microsoft word then just copy and paste content to system.the site aimed on cost cutting and easy marketing.

School System Database

Database system for schools which offer payroll,contribution,results,timetable,topics,periods and attendence available on our download page.

How to apply?

Step 1

Application Page

clicking apply now/admission>Apply online on website.Read instructions and click apply where you fill your details and submit.

Step 2.


At instant you submit your application you will be directed to payment to continue with you application finalization

Step 3.


After pay you will be directed to your profile page.Make sure you fill all details as shown on your page e.g Academic,attachment and program details