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On this page you can Download School Database System that we believe will suit your school requirements.The system comprise of Students fantastic result reports generator,Payroll for staffs which can generate payslip and all related payroll earning and deductions reports,students Contributions reports and timetable.

Product Name School Database system
Description Contributions, Payroll, Results, Timetable
Option Download
Product Name School system installer
Description Install this first
Option Download
Product Name New database
Description This is empty database
Option Download
Product Name Demo database
Description Database with demo data
Option Download

Download and enjoy our service

How to apply?

Step 1

Application Page

clicking apply now/admission>Apply online on website.Read instructions and click apply where you fill your details and submit.

Step 2.


At instant you submit your application you will be directed to payment to continue with you application finalization

Step 3.


After pay you will be directed to your profile page.Make sure you fill all details as shown on your page e.g Academic,attachment and program details